What is Content Writing ?

Over 5 years ago, I was in a meeting with the CEO of a huge organisation. He was highly intelligent and full of vision. When he asked me to define content writing, I thought he was joking. 

The reason he asked this question was to test my knowledge and understanding before he could trust the right people to handle his next big project. 

Going back to his question, to which my reply was, Content writing is marketing through words.

He laughed and asked me to come back in 5 years time, just to see if my answer will be any different.

Here is my answer to the CEO and to those who are curious about the power behind creating content.

So, what is content writing?

In my own words, “It is marketing through swords.” Yes, there is a change, in fact just a letter with a whole new meaning. He was right, I was not ready for the deal breaking opportunity at the time and he made the right decision.

Imagine you are selling a pen. You can come up with the best pitch in the world, but it will still not work on everyone. Hence, your pitch will have to be tailored to the clients’ demands, and meeting demand entails a lot of research, experience, patience and imagination when it comes to content writing. But before you polish your written or spoken pitch, you will be going through a trial and error period until you find your strengths and weaknesses and then find the right balance in order to use the right craft and words to successfully sell the pen.

Key Points to Consider

Putting aside the above for a second, it is all psychology, marketing research and tailoring content for the right market and target audience. Good content writing is a craft that many work on for years. Needless to say, it is not easy to master.

Content writing is about understanding what you write about and aiming for a target result. Almost the same as preparing a sales pitch for specific clients, for example the ones who do not realise how beneficial the product may be to them until they read your presentation and suddenly accept that you were right all along. They needed the product.

Types of Content Writing

There are many types of content writing, such as for example, white papers, blogging, articles, video, photography, proofreading and CV’s, ghostwriting, copywriting, magazine and newspaper journalism etc.

In short, it can be used for marketing, ghostwriting, songwriting, research, sales and copywriting, product descriptions, technical writing and many other fields of writing that can assist your business blossom in many ways.

There is no hidden formula, nor is there a complicated definition behind it. It is just a wide area of content writing strategies and styles of writing that provide content via the web and printing press. It is a growing in demand profession, especially due to constant innovative technology that creates indirect competition between growing businesses today.

Hiring the Right Content Writer for Your Project

Content writing
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When choosing a content writer, it is important that you hire someone who specialises in your business culture, understands your vision and strategies, has the knowledge and tools to reach results and targets the right audience for your line of business. It is not an easy choice to make.  However, once you hire the right content writer for your business, (being a startup, small or big business) you will see positive changes and developments.

Hands on Paper provides in depth strategies and solutions to your projects. When was the last time you invested in content writing services and did it work? 

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