Magic Words That Can Boost Sales

Let’s all agree on the fact that copywriting is not always easy, especially when you are up against competition escalating from all corners. When it boils down to competition, it is always a battle we face that either leads to a victory or a loss.

Have you ever had a certain word in the back of your mind but couldn’t quite get it out nor put together what you envisage and intend to express in writing?

We all have written a copy before at some point, which reads pretty well, with a few catchy phrases and  words. However, has it made people jump out of their seats and run with the emotions wrapped in full excitement for their credit card?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

So, imagine having a magical list of words at your disposal, that have been proven to bring profits and more people buying your products and/or services.

Words that you could sprinkle into any copy, just like a magic dust on to your ads, press releases, blogs, headlines, brochures etc. Imagine these powerful words bring results every single time you use them.

The good news is that it is all possible, in fact these words are called copywriting ‘power words’.

Such words can trigger certain emotions in the readers that make them want to purchase the products or services presented to them.

We are sharing with you a list of 55 power words that can bring mind-blowing results and in effect can fight competition and potentially boost your conversions, provided they are used in the right context.

Limited           Up-sell            First               Best                Rich 
Whooping                                Money                                              Skyrocket                   Ultimate                 Profit
Extra                                  Fast                         How to                               Improve                  Easy 
Trust                             Immediately                    Value             Discover            Learn                  Know
Understand                          Powerful                          Win                      Hot
Special               More            Bonus      Exclusive         Extra
You                                                           Save                  Today                                        Complete 
Free                    Protect                              Ultimate                                       Anniversary              Amazing
Health                                    Proven                          Extraordinary       Premiere
 Create                  Results
New                                           Latest                                            Plus!              Now                          Save
Safety                     Big              Worst             Hurry              Guarantee  


Note that putting as many power words as possible in your content will not do the trick that leads to success and reaching anticipated results.  Experienced and talented copywriters will use these words in an articulate and specific manner that best fits the agenda, in order to reach results. Remember that your writing should be captivating and must still impress the targeted audience in order to get their attention in the first place.

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