10 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Do you want to spend extra hours on research and writing content to go to waste? Probably not, in fact all you want and need in this case is ROI (return on investment). Make sure you bookmark this list of our 10 content writing tips and keep it handy in the future when you create content for the web.

Use Your Imagination and Paint a Picture

Push yourself to add a little creativity to your website content writing and see how much more fun it is to read and write! Be creative with your visual content as well as the topics that you write about. Always be clear about what you are writing about from the start up until the end of your content and always make it interesting.

Double Check Your Work Before Publishing

Knowledge is key. The more time you spend thinking and picking up new information, the more it enables you to be original and more creative with your work and most importantly it will enable you to get better at it.


Use your words wisely. Be clear and make sure that you use the words in the right context. Misuse of words is very common and it can make your content look like a school project that went wrong.

Always Update Your Posts

The industry changes over time and you need to make sure your work is always up to date. Remember, good content gains value over time.

Add Value and Quality to Your Content

If you are aiming to increase the traffic on your website, why not offer a parting gift to your readers and/or create small competitions.

Alternatively, you could also provide free webinars for your readers. Give your readers a valuable takeaway and they won’t forget it. It will keep them coming back and possibly will share your work with others.

Improve and Invest on Your SEO Skills

Always use your keywords and related phrases anywhere it fits (i.e. in alt tags of your images, the url, H2 headers, meta description, etc.). Exposure is key!

Keep Your Readers Interested

Every piece of content you write should tell your readers why they should invest their time in hearing what you have to say.

How will your content help them and why should they care?

Add Humor

Bringing out the positive emotions in your readers can really create a healthy content that attracts readers. Especially, when speaking of happy feelings of laughter and even jut a smile. Do not be afraid to flavor your content with a bit of humor.

Always Hyperlink to Your Sources

Firstly, it’s good internet etiquette, and citations can also help you get backlinks.

Secondly, by linking out to great sources, it means you are telling search engines that you have something really great to share with your readers.

Review Your Content as a Reader Would

Once you have finished writing your content, you will need to take a break and later review your content again with a clear mind. Put yourself in your readers shoes. Be critical and honest with your work. This will help you avoid errors and become more creative with your style of writing as well as boost your ideas over time of practice.

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