Choosing The Right Copywriter For Your Business

Would you trust an accountant with no legal background present your case in court, instead of a practicing lawyer?

Would you let a veterinarian service your new car that you have been saving up for years?

You’re probably wondering if there is a point behind the above, so in simple words:

Just because you have a tool, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one for the job.

In every profession there are specialised areas of expertise. Just because a copywriter isn’t a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ it doesn’t mean that they should be disregarded, especially when you are looking for ways to boost your sales and business exposure. 

Specialisation and expertise are key. They’ve honed their craft. Remember, they’re focused and knowledgeable about the area they are passionate about and love. Hence, their goal will always be to get results.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s revisit exactly why you may need a copywriter for your business.


Now, I’m not having an existential crisis (although we writers are prone). 

Establishing precisely why you may benefit from a copywriter is vital in defining what type you will need for you business.

First let’s make this clear. Do not do the job yourself to cut costs as it may not work out in the first place, especially if you have never done this before.

For example, have you spend every day of your life writing for years?

Have you spent years writing for brands and turned into a copywriting machine?

If the answer is no to the above, rest assured you’re not a copywriter. The good news is we are and we are the right team to help you get the result you are looking for.

Copywriters are trained in the art of persuasion. Our job is to evoke a desire for potential customers to want to engage with your brand. We know how to capture your brand essence and make it reliable. We create emotional connections.

When you’re having trouble putting words on paper or are not certain about the technicality, style or content of your writing, we take the weigh off your back and create persuasive and engaging content that talks directly to your customers.


Simply put, if you choose a copywriter without direction it’s as bad as shooting yourself on the foot.

You need to get specific about what your requirements and needs are before they are met.

Let us elaborate on that.


A digital marketing copywriter masters areas through web-based content. Their mission is simply to drive conversions through sign-ups, inquiries and/or sales. 

They will have valid and well researched comprehension of the psychology of internet browsing and target sales, including research and monitoring of time spent by potential customers on a page, what call to actions encourage people to click on and engage, etc.

Effective digital marketing copywriters have a broad understanding of digital skills that go way beyond idea generation and the art of copywriting. They need to be digital marketing masterminds and super creative and innovative at times in order to catch the eye and attention of the target audience.


Ad copy simply commands attention from the target audience. It sticks in your head and makes you remember it. It’s dynamic, psychologically based and extremely tricky to master. But it can be done.

Ad copywriters perceive very well what makes consumers tick. They know how to meet the demand of the target audience and the very good ones can create a sales copy that grabs attention and puts stings on the audience’s hearts and emotions. Then they just pull the strings.


Conceptual writers see the full picture and compose stories with a persuasive edge, simply by using words conceptually and constructing a catchy story in the reader’s mind. Usually, these type of Copywriters are heavily relied on for advertising purposes.

One of my favourite is the classic example of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola sold only 25 bottles during their first year.

Coca-Cola has some of the most interesting ads that indicate that they paid meticulous attention to their product and used the right marketing strategies to go from 25 bottles per year to millions. In June 2019, their net worth was approximately $7.035B.

Words and visual presentations of your products can really make a difference. But most importantly, you have to believe in your product and share stories with your audience in order to engage and persuade them that your products/services really are the best. This is where the conceptual copywriter will be of high demand and value for a business that strives for growth and exposure.


There’s a big difference between drafting a plain and boring blog and drafting a successful and effective blog that had a strategy implemented during the process. Although a blogger and content strategist are not the same, you will need both to make your blog outstanding. It’s like shooting two birds with one stone.

Creating priceless and engaging content that’s carefully crafted with precision and is well researched, will lead to some of the following results for your business:

  • Improve SEO
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Attract loyal readers and potential customers
  • Demonstrate quality and knowledge of your industry and/or products
  • Potentially increase demand from the target audience


If your company is technical you’re going to need a solid, technical copywriter who can translate your products and services to your target audience. 

The work involved for a technical copywriter is not easy. They have to implement technical messaging and persuasive writing styles in a manner that attracts and engages the target audience.

Technical writers need to take pages of technical jargon and create clear, concise and easy to follow copy that customers will easily understand and connect to. Simplifying a complex technical jargon is key.


Good agencies tend to cherry-pick the best of the bunch in their organisation. They can save you from losing time and even a few grey hairs when it boils down to the search for the perfect copywriter for your business strategy.

All the above have a lot in common. Specifically the goal is to attract engagements and conversions. However, the technicality, strategies and mastery of the right tools is the specific matter you need to pinpoint for the right business.

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